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iHome Mossy Oak Camo IHRK-400MOBC-PR Wireless Waterproof Rock Speaker Set for Outdoor Use

iHome Mossy Oak Camo IHRK-400MOBC-PR Wireless Waterproof Rock Speaker Set for Outdoor Use

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iHome Mossy Oak Camo IHRK-400MOBC-PR Wireless Waterproof Rock Speaker Set for Outdoors Camping Nature Hunting and Fishing Lovers. Built to add Sound to Your Bottomland Supplies, Accessories and Gear


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  • š‘Ŗš‘Øš‘“š‘¶ š‘Ŗš‘¹š‘¬š‘¬š‘· š‘©š‘°š‘® š‘ŗš‘¶š‘¼š‘µš‘« š‘ŗš‘·š‘¬š‘Øš‘²š‘¬š‘¹: Don't let the weather ruin your outdoor fun! The iHome IHRK-400MOBC Outdoor Rock Speaker, with its MOSSY OAK design, will not only blend in with your surroundings but also deliver crystal-clear, BIG sound to enhance your camping or hunting experience. And with its waterproof build, it's perfect for fishing trips and other outdoor adventures.
  • š‘¾š‘°š‘¹š‘¬š‘³š‘¬š‘ŗš‘ŗ š‘­š‘¹š‘¬š‘¬š‘«š‘¶š‘“ š‘Øš‘¼š‘«š‘°š‘¶: Get the ultimate camping experience! Connect your Bluetooth-enabled device up to 32 feet away and stream your favorite music wirelessly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy crystal-clear, BIG sound without any hassle. It's perfect for those who love to camp and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • š‘»š‘Æš‘¬ š‘·š‘¬š‘¹š‘­š‘¬š‘Ŗš‘» š‘­š‘°š‘» š‘­š‘¶š‘¹ š’€š‘¶š‘¼š‘¹ š‘Ŗš‘Øš‘“š‘·: Enhance your outdoor experience with the iHome IHRK-400MOBC Outdoor Rock camping Speaker! With its camo design, this speaker will seamlessly blend in with your surroundings while delivering BIG, crystal-clear sound with 20W of peak power from each 4" full-range driver. Whether you're camping or fishing, this speaker is perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • š‘¬š‘Øš‘ŗš’€ š‘»š‘¶ š‘ŗš‘¬š‘» š‘¼š‘· š‘Øš‘µš‘« š‘¼š‘ŗš‘¬: Setting up your iHome wireless rock speaker is a breeze! It comes with all the necessary accessories, including two micro-USB charging cables. Plus, the TWS linking feature makes it easy to connect two speakers together for even better sound quality. Whether you're camping or enjoying a day out fishing, this speaker will make your outdoor adventure even better.
  • š‘³š‘Øš‘ŗš‘»š‘°š‘µš‘® š‘Øš‘µš‘« š‘«š‘¼š‘¹š‘Øš‘©š‘³š‘¬: You can count on the iHome Outdoor Rock Speaker to provide hours of entertainment with its rechargeable battery. It's built to last and withstand any weather conditions, making it perfect for all your outdoor activities. And with our user manual and warranty information, you can buy with confidence and enjoy crystal-clear, BIG sound for all your camping, fishing, and outdoor adventures.
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